The Steellart atelier is much more than just a place for the sale of kitchens.

It is in fact an open space where art, design, technique and harmony meet thus creating an easy and attentive ambience.

The Steellart design kitchens suggest a new way of living: the kitchen is neither a hidden place nor a lab devoted to food preparation and pervaded of smells and steams.

The kitchen is a part of your home and becomes a friendly living space. Steellart takes you to a journey that ends when you satisfy your craving for the perfect kitchen. Steellart creates together with you stainless steel kitchens, design kitchens, modern kitchens using innovatory and high-quality materials.

gamberini3 Profile Steellart
Giorgio Gamberini, Steellart founder and "a FERRO e Fuoco" brand creator

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